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Swimming Pool Water Proofing Coating.

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MAXSHIELD TM PF 900 Liquid applied polyurethane water proofing membrane. Maxshield PF 900 is a liquid applied, highly permanent elastic, cold applied and cold curing, single component polyurethane membrane used for long lasting water proofing. It is based on pure elastomeric hydrophobic polyurethane resins which result in excellent mechanical, chemical, thermal, UV & natural elements resistance properties. Cures by reaction with ground & air moisture. Uses · Waterproofing of Roofs. · Water proofing in Balconies, Terraces, Verandas. · Waterproofing of Green roof, Flowerbeds, Planter boxes · Waterproofing of asphalt and bitumen felts, EDPM membranes etc. · Water proofing of Bridge decks, tunnels, Car Parking etc.

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ELASPLAST ROL 10 MuCis Two component, cementitious flexible, elastomeric waterproof coating for concrete surfaces with fiber mesh. Benefits Applicable by brush, roller or by trowel.Waterproofing for positive pressures (> 3 bar) and negative water pressure (1.5 bar) The product has crack bridging properties to cover cracks upto 1 mm. The elasticity is held until a temperature of 10 C Optimal adhesion at a sound and good substrate.The product can be applied at all conditions upto 5 C unless it is freezing or windy rain conditions. It protects the steel reinforcement by means of the anticorrosion system MuCis

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TECFLOOR TM ET 1000 1.0mm thick, self leveling, epoxy resin based floor topping. Tecfloor ET 1000 is designed for use in a wide range of industrialenvironments where a lasting solution to floor maintenance problems is required. It provides a dense, impervious, coloured and chemically resistant floor surface which is hygienic and easy to clean. Typical applications include: Benefits · Fast application - minimises downtime · Chemically resistant- good resistance to a wide range of chemicals · Durable- good abrasion resistance · Hygienic- provides a dense, impervious, seamless floor surface which is easily cleaned · Attractive- available in a wide range of colours to enhance the working environment

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Distributor for Thermax (CC Division) We Offer You Industrial Flooring , Water Proofing, Repair & Rehabilitation, Grout & Anchors Etc.

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Deals in Kerakoll Tile & Stone Adhesive , Cement & Epoxy Grout. & Water Proofing Product

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Deals in Fosroc Construction Chemical .

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Water Proofing Coating After Crack Filling on Lime Terracing .

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Crack Filling On Lime Terracing before Waterproofing Coating.

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Brush Bond Water Proofing at Terrace