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P U Grouting Injection Polyurethane grout designed to stop water leaks. It is typically injected into cracks in concrete, honeycombed concrete, soils, pipes, pipe intrusions and other voids by use of a high pressure pump. When the liquid polyurethane meets water or moisture it reacts with it and then expands, creating a dense, closed cell foam through which water will not pass. In an unconfined environment the expansion rate of the material is 20 times its own volume. PU is typically used to stop water leaks coming through cracked or honey-combed concrete voids between wall and floor, wall and ceiling, expansion joints, cold joints and pipe intrusions. It is used to repair concrete walls, ceilings and floors that are leaking; in tunnels, including limestone, manholes, sewer lines and in concrete dams. Areas of Application : • Sealing of concrete construction joints, hairline & wider cracks by injection grouting • Sealing of brick construction cracks • Injection grouting of drinking water reservoir & dams • Sewers & waste water effluent tanks grouting • Grouting in tunnels • Suitable for injection in to wet & dry concrete structures • Grouting of manholes & utility boxes
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